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Meddelandet togs emot.

I fell in love with the word "stockfinster" when I was seventeen years old. I didn't even know what it meant when I decided it would be what I called myself I ever were to release my music. Over the years, I have sometimes struggled with the name, thinking it was awkward and pretentious, but after more than twenty years I guess it will stay.


Here you will find all the music I have produced. It should be more but since I only make music when I feel like it, my output has been very irregular over the years. Also, I find it very hard to finish songs. The curse and blessing of not being signed to a label, I guess!

I don't charge anything for my music. Just download whatever you like, and if you feel like sending me an e-mail it is always very appreciated.

That's it. Have a listen and enjoy!

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