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don’t point your paw at me
  • The voice sample is from an authentic radio show (or was it a tv show?) from the 50’s. I have a bunch of these samples. They were meant to be educational and cover topics such as how babies are made and girl’s menstruation.
  • My idea was to create something that had the same punch as a Prodigy track, but I don’t think I quite pulled it off.
clark kent
  • This track marks the introduction of the music software program Ableton Live. I had been using Cubase/Reason intil then. This track would not have been made if not for Ableton./li>
  • I stumbled upon the melodic part in the intro while trying out a tutorial on Ableton’s website. I still don’t know how I hooked it up.
  • Before I finally bought Ableton, I used a cracked version that broke down on me while working on this track. I was afraid that I had lost everything, but I managed to get it all back when I finally bought the software.
  • The vocals are by Helena Josefsson.
  • Another favourite track. I came up with the main theme on my only piece of hardware, a Korg Polysix (hence the title).
  • It took me some time to realize the track needed to be in 7/8 time. Otherwise the phrases were just too far apart.
  • The breathing is Kerim, the singer in the former band, stockfinster. I nicked it from one of his vocal takes, just as he is beginning to sing.
  • The drum loop was later re-used for the track ”Last Laugh”, but in 8/8 time.
  • The guitar that kicks in at 03:42 is actually from Reason’s sample library. I tried to redo it myself, but it never had the same feeling.
  • I wanted to try out an effect in Cubase and programmed a random a drum beat that actually became the main drum loop.
  • The working title was ”If you come any closer, I’ll jump” which I thought was brilliant at the time. When Helena came in to do some vocals we were out of ideas, something that normally never happens. She then suggested she’d sing something in French which, to be honest, I was not too sure about. I did not have any lyrics prepared, so I asked Helena to just sing the working title – in French. I am not sure if she actually got it grammatically correct.
  • The voice sample is from the movie ”Killing Zoë” and I thought the French accent was befitting.
spreading myself thin
  • This track was finished so fast, I don’t even remember making it.
  • One of my favourite tracks. I don’t think I have produced something quite like it before.
  • The voice sample is from the movie ”Helter Skelter”.
  • My favourite part is the sound that comes in at 2:17 and lasts until 2:29. Listen closely to be able to hear it.
  • It is Helena Josefsson singing, but the vocals are re-used from another track (I don’t remember which)
why are you so happy?
  • A friend of mine had come up with a piano part and I suggested that he used the same kind of drum beat as in the Nine Inch Nails’ track ”La Mer”. Eventually I ended up using the idea myself.
  • The voice sample is from a television programme. I just wanted something human in there.
  • Ola Strandh is playing the drums.
  • I kind of wanted this track to trot along like a track by Ulrich Schnauss but I don’t think I nailed it.
  • The guitar was too hard for me to play in one go, so I decided to do one take for each note. To avoid hitting the adjacent strings, I placed a sock underneath the strings that were not supposed to ring.
  • I really like the fact that there is a drum loop right from the beginning. I always find it difficult starting a track with drums.
  • The drum loop is typical of Ableton Live’s sound.
  • The voice sample is from the same educational films as in ”Don’t Point Your Paw At Me” – only this time it is a girl speaking.
  • I actually played a real melodica on this track. I then discovered that a soft synth sounds a lot like the real deal.
  • Helena Josefsson is singing – yet again.
  • This track was used for the end credits in the film ”Last Day”, for which I composed the music. It is the only track that was not written especially for the film.