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a crack in time
  • This track has a long history. The chords and lyrics were written back when stockfinster was still a band. We tried it a couple of times but it sounded quite bad, actually. After the band dissolved I discovered that the chords sounded better on the keyboard than the guitar.
  • The rhodes in the intro is actually played by me (fair enough… programmed by me!) When the track kicks in, the rhodes is played by Andreas Kullberg, who is really good - unlike me.
  • The arpeggio in the outro is played by Jens Jungmark – former guitarist in stockfinster (when it was still a band).
  • The vocals are by Jonas Hult, former bass player in stockfinster (when it was still a band). The garbled vocals in the outro was Jonas’ idea. It is not just a reversed vocal track – it is Jonas making sounds without any FX’s.
  • Jonas Hult also put down the bass track.
  • Marco Manieri helped me with the lead vocal sound. I asked him to copy the vocal sound on Radiohead’s track ”Knives Out” and although I don’t think he quite nailed it, I am still happy with the result.
  • The voice sample heard in the intro was nicked from a radio programme called Inner Vision (in L.A.) and the guy talking is called Hugh Jeffries. A lot of people have found it meaningful and profound but I think it's just a lot of nonsense I edited together.
  • The harmonica is played by Julian Moore (nickname Oppe). I actually reused his harmonica on the track ”Ergo” (I used different takes though!)
think again
  • The pad that starts off this track was something I came up with while working on something completely different. I made a mixdown of the chords and did not return to the idea until some time afterwards. For some reason, the keyboard sound had reset itself and I was unable to re-create it. I tried for a very long time before I decided to simply use the old mixdown I had. The audio was not of perfect quality, but what the hell.
  • The drum loop was created in Fruity Loops – a program I only used for a short while. It is still one of my favourite drum loops.
  • The trumpet is played by Petter Lindgård, an experienced session musician. He actually laid down this trumpet for an old track called ”Homesick” – that originates from the days when stockfinster was still a band – but his part fit perfectly here as well.
  • This track features a voice sample, like many of my tracks. This particular sample I wish was not there. I have tried to get rid off it, but the track is so old it won’t open on my current system. It is taken from the movie ”Carlito’s Way”.
  • This track is the only track that I have ever co-written. The main theme comes from a track that dear friend Magnus Hedberg (the fold) wrote many years ago. I fell in love with the melody hook and the vocal sample, but the rest was rather unfinished. I added a lot to the track, but Magnus’ original melody hook is still heard all the way through!
  • The voice sample is taken from the movie ”The Duel” (hence the title) by Steven Spielberg.
  • I came up with this idea when I was working on something completely different and I happened to distort the main output from the soundcard, making the drum loop rather nasty.
  • I nicked the voice sample from a tv show about a couple of girls who were assaulted and raped in their house by a gang. It is a true story, which makes the track even scarier.
  • Another really old track. The drum loop was made in Fruity Loops.
  • For a period of time, many of my songs started with sounds similar to the sound that kicks off this track. This one always makes me think of an owl’s nest :)
  • It took a while before I realised that the track needed vocals. Jonas Hult put down the vocals in the same session as ”A Crack in Time”.
  • The sound of the vocals were heavily influenced by the Elbow track ”Any Day Now” - particularily the harmonies.
  • The track was mixed by Ola Strandh (former drummer in the band stockfinster) who also masters all of my stuff.
  • The outro features Andreas Kullberg on keyboard. He also played on ”A Crack in Time”.
  • The weird drum loop in the outro is actually a snippet of a guy called Henrik Andersson playing the drums (without a click track). He was not aware that I was recording him. Oddly enough, Henrik and Andreas used to be in the same band (Hank).
all becomes music
  • I came up with this track very late one evening and my plan was to turn it into an ambient track.
  • The idea for the track started with the repetative sound that kicks of the track, something I stumbled upon while toying around with Reaktor.
  • For quite some time it was called ”Hmmm”, which was the only thing that came to mind when Cubase prompted me to name the track. My wife still refers to it as ”Hmmm”. It’s her favourite track, by the way.
  • As I was recording the piano part, I felt I needed something to keep me in time. I had no intention of having drums on the track at this point, but since I hated the sound of Cubase’s click, I programmed the simplest beat imaginable, paying no attention whatsoever to the sounds. My friend Ola pointed out that the bass and the kick drum sounded really good together and he asked how I had done it. He forbade me to change it. I only wished I had done something else with the ride …
  • When I decided to keep the drums, I realised how much the track sounded like Sigur Rós and I decided to emphazise this with the help of Helena Josefsson. However, I did not expect her to come up with the part that she did. She is extraordinary in many ways.
  • I wrote the track in Cubase and then transferred it to ProTools for the vocal session and final mix. Something went wrong with the tempo and everything sounded like shit for quite some time until I managed to salvage the track.
  • The voice sample is Björk taken from the movie ”Dancer in the Dark”.
heavy feathers
  • Probably the only track ever that will feature me on vocals.
  • I do have a lot of acoustic material that I intend to release someday. Some of it is instrumental and some of it is not.
  • I did a version of this track with a melodica part. Ola – my mastering guy – hated it and convinced me to leave it out.
in transit
  • This track was something I came up with when I had just got the music software Reason. I decided to check it out and I opened up a loop player (Dr. Rex) and a synth (Subtractor) and just started playing something. This is what I came up with on the spot. It literally took five minutes.
  • I added some keyboards, strings and other stuff afterwards, but it still holds the record for the shortest time I have ever spent creating a track.
  • I played the melodic part while reading a magazine because I wanted the notes to fall randomly and subconsciously.
  • The voice sample is taken from the movie ”American Psycho”.